What Makes Ramsey & Mahajan Accountants & Consultants Stand Out

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About Ramsey & Mahajan Accountants & Consultants

We are a professional accounting firm that has been in business for the past eight years, but our firm’s revenue has gone up three times in the last couple of years. We have twelve employees and are based in Calgary, with most of our clients in our vicinity.

As a business, we are continually changing the way we work, modifying with new technologies and trends. We have also been improving our systems to deal with clients in tax season, which tends to get quite hectic.

The Ramsey & Mahajan Accountants & Consultants Difference

We work with all customers in need of assistance with their taxation, and as tax rules tend to be quite similar across the board, we do not affiliate to any specific client base.

An aspect making us second to none is our use of the latest technologies in our work, and to improve the happenings around the office. In addition, being able to adapt to these new technologies makes us quite proud of our capabilities.

Our value-added services set us apart from the rest of our competition. Our clients notice the quality of our service and are more than happy to continue working with us. Our most significant achievements have been our constant growth which doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and we can’t be happier.

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